Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera (Body)

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 It shoots fast and handles smoothly. It's got hands-on SLR features for photography enthusiasts, but it's also as easy to use as any point-and-shoot camera. If you love taking pictures and you want to step up your game, the Canon EOS 60D should definitely be on your short list. You'll revel in the realism and depth of the photos you capture, right from day one. The 60D also boasts a 1080p HD video mode with full manual control of shutter speed and aperture to give your movies the exact look you want. And you can connect it directly to your compatible HDTV with an optional mini HDMI cable to share your freshly filmed clips and pics.

Keep on shooting when the lights get low
This cam's sensitive 18-megapixel CMOS image sensor records breathtaking photos with eye-popping detail. Canon gave the 60D an extra-wide sensitivity range to ensure you'll never miss a shot because of poor lighting conditions. Its extended high ISO settings make it ideal for night shots or indoor settings, where the lack of light would normally make shooting impossible. The 60D also offers Canon's Auto Lighting Optimizer, which automatically corrects the contrast and brightness of your images as they're recorded. This helps preserve subtle photographic details of complex subjects, like sunny highlights on your kids' faces against the deeply shadowed woods behind them.

Flexible LCD design
The EOS 60D is Canon's first-ever SLR with a tilt-and-swivel LCD. This bright, high-res screen lets you preview your camera settings in real time, making it easier than ever to grab fantastic looking shots of fast-moving action. Hold your camera up high or down low when you're composing your shots, and simply tilt the screen toward you so you can see it. This feature works out really well for shooting over the heads in a crowd, or taking low-level macro shots without stooping. Activate the on-screen electronic level to make certain your landscapes have perfectly straight horizons. The screen even flips around face-in to protect it when you travel.