Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera (Body)

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   Those who follow the DSLR marketplace have been eagerly awaiting "the next big thing" in digital camera technology. Canon's EOS 70D has arrived to remove the veil. The 70D features a redesigned sensor with a new approach to autofocus that can truly be termed ground-breaking. Dual Pixel CMOS AF (autofocus) imbues the camera's live view and video modes with the kind of speed, accuracy, and tracking capability that was formerly only available to still-shooters working through the viewfinder.

Canon's next-generation autofocus system

Each pixel on the 20-megapixel sensor surface has two photodiodes instead of one, gathering light from opposite ends of the lens's projected image. When the image processor detects differences in phase between the two signals, focus can be adjusted almost instantly. And while this "phase-detection" concept isn't all that new, the ability to have most of the pixels on your image sensor involved in the calculation is. The result? Exceptional subject tracking, even while shooting video or using live view.

The Canon EOS 70D features a bright, fully-articulated 3" touchscreen.

Video and live view

Why is this such important news? Well, let's talk about video first. When you're shooting video, you'll be following some sort of action much of the time. Traditionally, video shooters were either pretty handy with manual focus on their own, or they got a second person to tend to that detail (look for the job "focus puller" or "assistant camera" next time you watch a set of movie credits). For a long time, videographers have dreamed of enjoying the same quick, dependable focus performance that still photographers enjoy, but to date the industry's autofocus implementation for video has been less than ideal. Now it looks like that may be changing. Fast.

Then, there's live view, used for viewing images on the camera's LCD instead of through the viewfinder. When is that important? Well, say you're shooting wide-angle shots from a low vantage point on a tripod. The action scene in front of you needs to have its focus updated every time a new subject comes into view. But looking through the viewfinder every time you want to check focus will wreak havoc with your back in the morning. Enter the 70D's fully-articulated, bright LCD touchscreen in live view mode. No more bending down to see what you're shooting. You'll have the information you need, and the control too, as the touchscreen offers a great way to interact with the camera. And with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, live view is more versatile and dependable than ever.

Wi-Fi too

Now on to another welcome feature: built-in Wi-Fi. There's no extra module to buy. The built-in Wi-Fi will let you remotely operate the shutter and manipulate selected settings using apps on compatible smartphones or tablets, while showing you what you're seeing through the lens on the device's screen. Plus, it enables quick and easy file transfer and uploads to social networks and email, and it opens the doorway to new potential applications in the future. The free Canon EOS Remote app is available for both Apple® iOS® and Android™ smart devices. And don't forget, you can also print hard copies of photos from a compatible PictBridge certified wireless printer, directly from the camera, without hooking it up via a cable or removing your memory card.

Other top features from Canon

Preset scene modes and cool features like Video Snapshot make the Canon 70D a versatile documenter of vacation fun. The DIGIC 5+ image processor is more than up to the challenge of fast continuous high-resolution shots, maxing out at a cool 7 frames per second, so you'll always get the action shot. The on-board creative image processing filters are previewable in real-time on the live-view LCD screen. And a handy on-screen feature guide will advise you step-by-step while you're selecting potential shooting modes.