Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

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The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 may be one of the smallest DSLRs you've ever seen, but make no mistake, it's every ounce a Rebel. Canon has managed to pack almost every popular feature from its class-leading line of Rebel cameras into a smaller, but full-featured design. In some cases, it's even exceeded the benchmarks set by its predecessors.

The SL1 boasts Canon's second-generation hybrid autofocus, a system that pairs contrast detection and phase detection to draw upon the strengths of both for superior focusing performance. In this camera, the coverage area for the system has been expanded to fill almost 80% of the live view area, making for better overall performance in tricky situations.

Canon also included their ultra-quiet, 18-55mm image-stabilizing zoom lens with this kit for capturing outstanding, blur-free photos and videos under all kinds of shooting conditions.

It's going for speed

Action and sports photographers will appreciate the difference the DIGIC 5 image processor makes. The SL1 fires off continuous 18-megapixel still shots at 4 frames per second. And because the processor enables greater light sensitivity and noise reduction, it's easier to increase your shutter speed so you can freeze the fast moving action at the perfect moment, even when your surroundings get hectic. Plus, the controls are built for speed as well: the SL1's mode select dial presents your options logically and simply. Even the dial's icons are raised a bit to make them easier to discern in low light.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is significantly smaller that the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at right (not included), while offering similar performance.

A nice touch(screen)

The LCD display on the back has some cool tricks as well. It features three diagonal inches of gorgeous, 1,040,000-dot high-resolution screen. Given the overall size of the SL1, this is a notable achievement. And get this: it's touch-enabled, allowing you a lightning-fast method of controlling your camera's settings. In fact, the touchscreen acts in a manner similar to many smartphones, so you'll find the interface easy and intuitive.

Clear as a bell

Video shooters will also appreciate the external stereo microphone input and the settable microphone input levels. Canon realizes that acquiring good audio is the first step towards making your videos truly professional, so the SL1 is loaded with features that will help you do just that.

Geared to your pace

Don't worry that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1, with all its helpful settings, will be complex. Intelligent auto modes, autofocus, and scene detection will ensure great results for beginners; you can explore custom options as you gain confidence with the camera. A plethora of creative options await the curious and the enthusiastic.