Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera - Body

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   Rebel cameras represent the entry point into the EOS SLR family, and this is the best-performing Rebel yet. With a large CMOS sensor and 24-megapixel resolution, your still photos will be sharp and detailed. The T6i features a rapid, precise 19-point autofocus system — newly designed for this version of the Rebel — that allows you to lock onto a moving subject so you can either freeze it with a fast shutter setting, or keep up with its fluid motion in an HD video. View it all right away on the 3" tilt-and-swivel touchscreen, then use Wi-Fi and NFC touch pairing to upload and share your images.

When you're shooting action, you'll appreciate the difference the DIGIC 6 image processor makes. The T6i fires off continuous 24-megapixel still shots at 5 frames per second. And because the processor enables greater light sensitivity and noise reduction, it's easier to use fast shutter speeds so you can freeze the runner crossing the finish line at the perfect moment. Even the controls are built for speed: the T6i's mode select dial is easy to reach and manipulate, so you won't lose any time fumbling for the right mode. If you're used to using a smartphone, you can react even more quickly using the T6i's intuitive touchscreen controls, including pinch-to-zoom.

The Rebel series offers full manual control so you can fine-tune your shot when you need to. When you're doing less formal shooting, the T6i offers intelligent auto modes that can handle the details of settings so you can focus on composition and plain old having fun. You can automate focus, white balance and exposure modes, and the T6i offers a new scene analysis system that detects the prominent light source in your scene and makes intelligent adjustments to the camera's exposure, focus and color settings so you don't have to.