Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens

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The agile X-T2 elevates your experience of photography and lets you avail yourself of an outstanding line of Fujinon lenses. Fujifilm's obsession with quality is evident in the all-metal construction of the camera's eye-catching body. Extensive weather-sealing adds to its ruggedness, making it great for outdoor use in less-than-favorable conditions.

The X-T2's discreet size and smooth, quiet operation let you keep a low profile when you're out shooting street scenes or candids.

A serious camera for serious photographers and videographers

Thanks to its compact size, the X-T2 is a great camera for travel and everyday photography. But it's a lot more than that. In terms of performance, it's on par with the best mirrorless cameras out there. Its 24.3-megapixel APS-C sized sensor and high-speed processing engine combine to give your photos and videos outstanding color reproduction with high ISO sensitivity and low noise.

The X-T2 captures around 1.8 times the required number of pixels for 4K video and 2.4 times the required data for full HD video. The bottom line: you get exceptional movie quality. Video can be output through HDMI while recording, so you can simultaneously check footage on the LCD or viewfinder and an external monitor.

Get back to basics with a camera that's anything but basic

The X-T2 was designed to bring the joy back into the act of making photographs. When you're caught up in capturing a moment, looking away from what's in front of you to fool with a bunch of settings on the back of a camera can ruin it completely. Well-placed engraved metal dials make it easy to adjust settings on the X-T2 without having to take your eye off the scene. Its bright OLED electronic viewfinder can display all your settings and show you what your final image will look like, so you can stay focused on your subject.

As a renowned manufacturer of color and black and white films for over 80 years, the folks at Fujifilm have a deep understanding of the role color plays in creating memorable photos. The X-T2's 15 different film simulation modes — including the popular PROVIA and Velvia film types — let you use different color tones and gradations to add texture, depth, and atmosphere to your photos and videos.

Perfect starter lens included

The included 18-55mm Fujinon zoom lens is great for all kinds of shooting situations. It's lightweight, quick to focus, and super quiet — perfect for still photography and video. Built-in Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps you capture blur-free photos and shake-free videos, while specialized lens elements contribute to high-resolution image quality.

Metal construction gives this lens durability and a solid feel, plus it's weather-resistant so you can safely use it outdoors in all kinds of conditions.

An advanced autofocus system

The X-T2's high-speed processing power gives it improved autofocus performance over its X Series predecessors. For subjects on the move, AF-C Custom settings let you customize your settings to optimize autofocus according to the type of movement for extra-precise tracking.