Nikon D300S DSLR Camera (Body)

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 Capture stunningly detailed still images and smooth HD videos like a pro with Nikon's advanced D300s. This digital SLR's responsiveness and intuitive, hands-on controls deliver nearly limitless photographic possibilities. Demanding shutterbugs will love the D300s's flexibility, extensive range of settings, and rock-solid build. Everyone will love the brilliant pictures it takes.


Precision 51-point autofocus system

You can count on shot after shot of crisply focused images with the D300s thanks to Nikon's sophisticated autofocus system. It features an amazing 51-point array of AF sensors that can quickly and accurately lock on to your subjects, no matter where they appear in the frame. This lets you easily capture an off-center portrait on a whim, or snap high-speed action shots without getting into a lot of manual adjustments. The camera also employs 15 cross-type sensors in the center of the frame for ultra-precise focusing.

Shoot at a blazing 7 frames per second

Nikon's advanced image processor provides near-instant camera startup and shutter response. It also makes it possible to shoot images continuously at up to seven frames per second. (You can even shoot at up to eight frames per second with Nikon's optional battery grip.) All that speed is great for capturing high-quality photo sequences, like your favorite skateboarder performing a kick flip on the half pipe or a horse and rider clearing the fence at a steeplechase.

Self-cleaning 12.3-megapixel image sensor

The D300s's powerful 12.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor provides beautiful high-resolution photos you can crop heavily and still use to make big, crisp prints. Advanced CMOS technology delivers vibrant images with exceptionally wide dynamic range, allowing you to accurately capture subtle photographic detail on both strongly lit and deeply shadowed areas of your picture at the same time. And the self-cleaning sensor unit vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies to efficiently remove dust from its surface — ensuring that your images remain spot-free.


3" high-resolution LCD with live view

This camera's bright LCD screen provides a sharp, crystal-clear window for shooting high-def videos and reviewing your shots. It also boasts two live view modes that let you compose photos on-screen in real time — just like you would with a point-and-shoot cam. The Tripod mode is ideal for shooting still subjects in a studio environment, allowing you to magnify the image up to 13 times on the LCD for ultra-precise focusing. Handheld mode works great for active shooting from tricky high or low angles that make it difficult to see through the viewfinder.


Versatile SLR design

The D300s gives you a wide range of shooting options, from an easy-to-use automatic mode to advanced hands-on manual adjustments. Convenient button placement makes it easy to adjust camera settings on the fly, so you can concentrate on shooting. Dual media slots let you save images to your choice of optional CompactFlash® or SD/SDHC™ memory cards. Use one card after the other for increased storage, write backup images to the second card, RAW and JPEG images to different cards, or even split still photos to one card and videos to the other.

Built to last

Nikon wraps all this versatile technology in a strong magnesium alloy body with rubberized surfaces for a superior grip. Additional environmental sealing of the D300s's body provides enhanced protection against dust and moisture. The result is a camera that's rugged and solidly built, yet surprisingly lightweight and easy to hold.